What Next?

I'll start with the Chelsea game first off, now I didn't expect much and I thought yesterdays result was pretty predictable. I was happier with the performance today, as we managed to contain the champions to a degree. What I wasn't too happy about was the amount of decisions that went for Chelsea, it seemed that every little niggle on their players, Joe Cole in particular resulted in the whistle being blown where as clear cut fouls on our players were just being waved away. Having said that, seeing the replay of the penalty incident it was clear cut and Chelsea should have had another too. Apart from that I think we gave ourselves a bit of credit but we lacked any sort of cutting edge that was to beat such a strong defence. Against lesser teams we would have had more than a chance of taking something.

Which brings me on to the vacant managerial post.

Who will take the job? Fratton Faithful takes a look at the candidates:

Neil Warnock

The favourite to take over at Fratton Park because he just won't sign a new contract with Sheffield United. I am still baffled as to why he'd want to join us seeing as Sheffield United are 9 points clear of the play-off places and have never looked better to get promotion to the Premiership, something Neil; as a Blades fan himself has always wanted to do. So he'd be taking a big risk if he was to try and stave off relegation here. Then again who wouldn't take a risk if you were being paid £3.5 million over three years?

George Burley

Has today expressed his interest in the job so long as things are "stable". I have a great respect for George Burley having worked wonders at Ipswich, Derby County and recently Hearts. However he has left his last two jobs because he had differences with the boards, mainly because the boards of Derby County and Hearts tend to be "less than co-operative". So taking Mandaric's recent exploits would George take the job here?

Sir Bobby Robson

Another one to have openly expressed his interest in the job here. He already knows half the team considering he had Robert, O'Brien, Griffin and LuaLua at Newcastle United so that's one plus already. He's considered one of the managerial greats so if anyone is going to keep Pompey up then surely it's Sir Bobby? Well.. that's if he can remember the players' names of course.

Harry Redknapp

No managerial speculation would be complete without mentioning the wheeler dealer Judas himself. He said in an interview yesterday that he would be "crucified" if he was to leave our neighbours down the road and re-join us. However if there is one thing we've learned about Redknapp it's to never take whatever he says as the truth. He's a crafty git so you never know...

Those are the four "main" candidates considered by many as the guys in the running for the Pompey hotseat. There have been other names tossed around such as Kevin Keegan, Tony Adams, John Gregory, Terry Venables.. OK I'll stop now before I scare you all away!

Personally.. I'm waiting for some foriegn guy we've never heard of to take charge.