Viva La Revolution (again)

Last updated : 23 November 2006 By Jim Bonner
Today could be the dawning of a new era as French National businessman Alexandre Gaydamak was officially confirmed as half-owner of Portsmouth FC. Let's hope it goes better than the last revolution we had!

Alex or "Sacha" has decided to buy into Portsmouth because he believes that he and Milan can turn Portsmouth into a big club. Alex also mentioned three reasons for investing: The Sport, The Passion and The Community. He believes that Pompey play good football despite our position and are playing in the toughest league in the world, that Pompey fans are the most unique supporters he has ever seen and he also wishes to improve the community around Portsmouth with the new developments of Pompey Vilage and of course the new stadium so Gaydamak's arrival might not just be beneficial for Portsmouth Football Club but also Portsmouth City itself.

Watching the press conference earlier I was very impressed and assured with what Alex had to say. The media seemed to be trying to constantly snipe at him with questions about his father, his failed businesses in the past and the transfer money. He simply replied that this investment is entirely his own and has nothing to do with Arcadi Gaydamak, on the business side he simply put that "You win some, you lose some" and that sounds fair enough to me having studied some businessmen at University it is never always a success story and I sort of admire Alex for not giving up and getting where he is today. Let's not get too carried away though, Alex has said that he is small compared to Roman Ambramovich and that our main objective is Premier League survival. On the subject of transfer money Alex refused to disclose how much money Harry would have to spend in public but did have a "pleasant conversation" with him. Good thinking there as nobody is going to try and rip us off like they do with Chelsea. On a final note Alex said he is here for the long term and I do expect Milan Mandaric to sell up his share once the stadium is complete as he has said himself. Early signs suggest that Alexandre Gaydamak is certainly a "fit and proper person" and has Portsmouth FC's best interests at heart.

Fratton Faithful wishes to welcome Alex to the club personally. Let's hope the ambition is high and we can progress.