TV Times

I went into work this morning and a Pompey fan asks "Why do we always do so bloody badly when we're on tele?" So, I've gone out of my way to try and answer that question and I've also had a rant about kick-off times at the end too.

Firstly, here are the results of every league game we've played that have either been shown on Sky Sports or Setanta Sports.

Bolton (H) (W 3-1)
Arsenal (A) (L 3-1)
Liverpool (H) (D 0-0)
Fulham (A) (W 0-2)
West Ham (H) (D 0-0)
Man City (H) (D 0-0)
Aston Villa (A) (W 1-3)
Arsenal (H) (D 0-0)
Sunderland (A) (L 2-0)
Man United (A) (L 2-0)
Everton (A) (L 3-1)
Tottenham (A) (L 2-0)
Newcastle (H) (D 0-0)
Man City (A) (L 3-1)

So, out of 14 games we have won 3, drawn 5 and lost 6. Therefore we have lost more games than we've won when we're on the box. What amazes me further is that neither Sky nor Setanta have screened a Pompey victory in the league since early December, and all our televised games in 2008 have been lost bar one whilst all the defeats have come away from home.

So why do we play so badly when we're on the box? Maybe we're cursed, maybe it's co-incidence or maybe the television execs deliberately pick difficult fixtures for us to play when we're on TV. Who knows?

The one thing that is certain is that this season Pompey have been on the box more than any other season that I can remember. If you include cup games and the upcoming league fixture against Blackburn then by the end of the season we would have been televised 19 times out of 46.

That's a pretty high figure for a so called "unfashionable" club like Pompey and whilst the owners will be happy with the TV money we're raking in, loyal fans are getting increasingly annoyed with ridiculous kick-off times such as Sunderland away at 1:30 on a Sunday.

Obviously, the more successful we are, the more likely we're going to be shown on TV so for supporters who go to the majority of games the situation is a catch 22.

It's a shame that the traditional Saturday 3pm kick-off is dying and what's worse is that if we do qualify for Europe then we can kiss even more of these traditional fixtures goodbye as many games will be moved to the Sunday and won't be on the box either.