Transfer Tales Episode VII

Last updated : 18 January 2006 By Jim Bonner
You know the drift by now...

Possible Ins

According to reports, Portsmouth are "working tirelessly" to get in Premiership players. The main links seem to be Charlton goalkeeper Dean Kiely and Aston Villa's Lee Hendrie. Both would be good additions to the squad though I can think of other positions to strengthen rather than goalkeeper and centre midfield, but then I'm no football manager.

Possible Outs

Matthew Taylor. It's becoming more and more likely that our 2nd best player all season will be leaving us with BBC reporting that a deal has been done for around £2.3 million. So the question on all Portsmouth fans' lips is "why?"

We are deep in relegation trouble and shouldn't need to be letting our best players go. Harry has said something along the lines needing to get the right balance in the squad and that might mean Taylor leaving which doesn't make any sense at all considering we only have two left sided players at the club and Vignal looks certain to leave for Newcastle so that leaves only Taylor and if he were to be sold then that would leave us with absolutely nothing down the left hand side (unless you count Griffin and Stefanovic but would you really count them!?) so i'm not believing this whole "balance" excuse at all.

So now I can only think of two other possibilites. We don't have as much money as we thought which doesn't make sense considering the amount of money we've already spent and the amount of players we've still been linked with and also Gaydamak has provided us with new financial power unless of course we've been lied to by someone. The other possibility is that Matthew Taylor wants to leave which also doesn't make sense because he's one of our most loyal and commited players and loves the club and the fans. The whole thing just doesn't make any sort of sense and myself and every other Portsmouth fan would like an explanation and it better be a bloody good one because we just cannot be letting our best players go when we need them the most!

This whole situation is confusing but we should be used to this as Pompey fans as well as any impending lies we may have been told. We'll have to see what happens.