Transfer Tales Episode IX

Last updated : 30 January 2006 By Jim Bonner
Harry hasn't finished wheeling and dealing yet. More players are being brought in for the fight against the drop.

Definite Ins

If signing three players from Tottenham wasn't enough, we now have a fourth! Wayne Routledge has joined us on a loan deal until the end of the season. Could be a good coup for us as he has plenty of pace and is a natural right winger so perhaps he could possible temporary replacement for Steve Stone? Unless of course Harry plays him on the left.. but either way I'm glad we have finally signed a player who gives us some width.

Young Routledge isn't the only player to be joining us today. Milan and Dejan's fellow countryman Ognjen Koroman has also joined Pompey on loan until the end of the season. "Who!?" I hear you cry. Well unfortunately I am wondering exactly the same thing! All I know about Koroman is that he is a Serbia and Montenegro international that can play almost anywhere in midfield and apparently has a decent cross on him. We shall see...

These two signings beg the question. "Where are they going to play and who are going to replace the current midfield?" Now if I was Harry Redknapp (and I certainly am not) I would play a five man midfield with Taylor on the left and Routledge on the right with O'Neil, Mendes and Davis in the centre along with 3 centre backs and the two up front. Of course this is Harry we're talking about and he could easily play Routledge on the left, Koroman on the right and leave out Gary O'Neil completely. Wouldn't be suprising would it? Once again we can only speculate...

Possible Ins

You may remember a young player named Andres D'Allesandro who was once touted as the "next Maradona" along with countless other Argentinians. Currently playing his trade in the Bundesliga for Wolfsburg it is reported we are going to sign him. Two questions. Would we need him with all these other midfielders? And is he the right sort of player for a relegation battle? Of course the only way these will be answered is if he does make the journey from Germany but would it be worth the risk with our Premiership status far from secure?

Possible Outs

It seems that Gregory Vignal is staying until the end of the season now. Whether he will be played is another thing. Beware for shock last minute swoops for Gary O'Neil and/or Matthew Taylor before the deadline tommorow evening though.

Definite Outs

Just incase you haven't read my article yesterday John Viafara has joined Real Sociedad on loan until the end of the season though it wouldn't suprise me if we never saw him in a Pompey shirt again. Shame because I didn't think he was a bad player at all...

That's it for today. The transfer window slams shut at midnight tommorow and Fratton Faithful will keep you updated until that clock chimes to signal Wednesday morning. I have a feeling we're not finished yet...