Last updated : 09 March 2006 By Jim Bonner
It hasn't been a very exciting week for Pompey news this week. Something we're not used to supporting the club we do. So I'm going to sum up this week in one column in case you've been living under a rock this past week.

The main news is that Dejan Stefanovic is targeting a return for the home game against Arsenal that is played on the 25th of March. That would be quite a shock considering the surgery he had was likely to keep him out for the rest of the season. I like Dejan, I think he's one of our most commited players but I do believe many of his performances have been below par this season and it wouldn't suprise me if the main reason for that has been his ankle. Hopefully this operation will have rectified the problem and we'll see the old Dejan back.

Pompey have also announced that should we be relegated then season ticket prices will be reduced by about 15% despite the increase of games we would have to play. Good on them I say, football is expensive enough as it is and your average working class fan would struggle to pay such extortionate prices and I'm sure the club have taken note of that and haven't just done it because Southampton decided to freeze their prices when they were relegated..... I'm sure......

The club are also considering a possible badge colour scheme change for when the new stadium opens in 2007. There's the choice of blue with gold star and crest, blue with yellow star and crest (would that make any difference at all!?) or blue with white star and crest. Personally I hope they keep it as it is and don't mess about with such symbolism like Chelsea, Tottenham and West Brom have.

That's about it really unless you count Redknapp running his mouth in the local press "news". A peach of a quote here in "I could have stayed at Southampton and watched Pompey get relegated and gone: "Oh Well, serves them right for letting me go and what happened before. What goes around comes around. Easy" That's the same Harry Redknapp who resigned from Portsmouth FC and the same Harry Redknapp that said it was his own fault for leaving the club in the first place!

That's it for today. For those wondering (and it's not many) about the feedback they sent me about what they would do if they were Portsmouth manager, don't worry I haven't forgotten about it! I plan to print them this coming Monday, later than I expected but there's a reason for it. If anyone else wants to send me what they would do if they were in Harry Redknapp's shoes then be my guest! I feel quite lonely sometimes...