The Random Rant

Last updated : 16 January 2006 By Jim Bonner
Ok time to take a deep breath because this will take a while..

I'll begin with our current position. 18th and 5 points adrift of the relegation zone which now puts huge pressure on us to beat Birmingham on Saturday. However it's not the end of the world!

There are still plenty of points up for grabs with 16 games to play. That means there are still 48 points on offer which alone are enough to keep us in this division. OK obviously we won't win them all but there's certainly enough oppurtunities to take the points that will keep us afloat. Yes, the defeat to Everton was disappointing but Harry is trying to rebuild the squad and these players will need a few games to get back to full fitness so they're going to have to play. I'm sure Harry will also bring in the players required to build a good enough team to stay in this division but it's going to take time. Alright you could argue that it's time we haven't got but all it takes is for us to go on a run and we can get out of our current predicament. All I'm trying to say is that there is no reason to panic yet! The team needs our support so let's get behind them instead of accepting the "inevitable".

Onto the next subject. Wigan Athletic. Now there seems to be a contingent of Pompey supporters who seem intent on blaming Wigan for our current predicament. I'll give you a few examples:

- Wigan lose to West Brom on Sunday widening the gap between them and the bottom 3 to 5 points. Therefore it's Wigan's fault that we are 5 points behind West Brom and it has absolutely nothing to do with our result against Everton whatsoever.

- Wigan lose to Birmingham therefore it's Wigan's fault that Birmingham are only a point behind us with a game in hand and it has nothing to do with our own shortcomings.

- Wigan beat us therefore it's Wigan's fault for being better than us on the day and has nothing to do with Pompey playing their worst ever Premiership game. Wigan should have just lied down for us. Because they're Wigan.

- Wigan buy Arjan De Zeeuw from us. That's also Wigan's fault for strengthening their team when they shouldn't be allowed to. Anyone who suggests that Alain Perrin didn't allow him to leave and never wanted to replace him with Andy O'Brien was wrong.

- Contrary to reports that Adolf Hitler started World War 2 it is actually discovered that is was in fact Wigan Athletic that started World War 2 despite not even being formed then.

I could go on but I don't want Wigan Athletic to come and murder me...

Now onto my final rant. It is reported that Matthew Taylor is going to be sold to recoup some of our money that we've spent in the transfer window. Now correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure a rather rich person recently invested a lot of money into Pompey and I'm pretty sure that means that we wouldn't have to sell anyone to raise money, and even if we did then surely it wouldn't be one our best players who can play on the left? Considering he and Vignal are our only left sided players anyway, with Vignal supposedly leaving if Taylor also left then we would be left with Andy Griffin and Richard Hughes out on the left. Joy.

Sorry but I just don't believe that even someone as stupid as Harry Redknapp would sell Matthew Taylor and I'm in the belief that someone is stirring the shit. But then we're Pompey fans we're used to this sort of thing aren't we? And I'm sure that Middlesbrough are also going to buy Gary O'Neil for £7.5 million despite the fact that the Boro chairman has said McClaren has to sell before he can buy and add to that the fact that Middlesbrough are only 5 points ahead of ourselves can you really see him leaving? No, me neither..

Anyway that brings this patchy and probably incoherent rant to an end. I just felt the need to let off some steam that's all...