The Killer Blow?

Last updated : 21 January 2006 By Jim Bonner
Our biggest ever Premiership defeat, to one of our relegation rivals, that have now leapfrogged us in the table, leaving us with 17 measly points going into February.

That is the dire situation we find ourselves in. I am just extremely thankful there wasn't any coach seats left and I didn't fork out to see this debacle with my own eyes. Instead I listened to the game on the radio and this is what I could gather:

- The defence were awful, possibly the worst defensive performance ever seen by a Premiership Portsmouth side.

- The midfield were wasteful, apart from Matthew Taylor who seemed to have a slightly better game.

- Up front Benjani wasted two chances even I could have scored, and Peircard also has a guilt-edge chance too.

So some questions coming up. Why the hell did Priske not play? Is Harry really so up his own arse he won't play anyone not signed by him? We're playing Griffin at left back that just doesn't work and once again Stefanovic had a mere and also got injured in the process. The defence needs major surgery and fast. Also if Matthew Taylor is one of our stars then why the hell is he for sale!? Another thing, our front two constantly change and can never get any sort of consistancy. Benjani is now off to Egypt so once again our front two will be changed. No consistancy, no goals.

I'm trying to think of positives but the only one I can think of is Neil Mellor's last minute winner against Middlesbrough which also keeps them down there but then we're still 5 points behind them and the way we're going at the moment we won't be closing the gap any time soon. What it does do is give us a glimmer of hope that we can still somehow get out of this mess. It's pretty obvious that home form will be the key. Looking at the rest of our home games this season there are some difficult ones but also some very winnable ones too. For the record there is still left to play:

Blackburn Rovers
Bolton Wanderers
Manchester City
Manchester United

24 points are available there. This isn't over... I ask Pompey fans not to accept relegation yet. The moment us supporters accept relegation as a whole is the moment the team starts believing it so we must keep the belief that we can survive.

There's still time to start turning it round. Though we have to start changing things now!