Tap Me Up

Last updated : 19 January 2006 By Jim Bonner
It is reported today that the FA will be making an inquiry on Harry Redknapp's move from Southampton back to Portsmouth. Rupert Lowe doesn't believe that the move was done according to the rulebook although both Mandaric and Redknapp are denying any such nasty accusations. But does Lowe have a case or is he just being a squinny?

Cast your mind back to December 2004 when Harry joined them lot down the road and many a conspiracy theory started on how Lowe had been talking to him whilst he was at Portsmouth and not getting on with Milan. Did our chairman start going on about breaking rules and tapping up? No. (though he did start off a personal slanging match) What grounds does Wupert have to make a silly, childish accusation? What does he mean by "the rules of the game"? but more to the point.. who the hell cares?

Harry made it blatantly clear that he wanted to come back here. There was nothing Rupert Lowe could have done about it and I don't see why he has to start throwing his toys out of the pram even if he has got a reputation for being so petty. Why can't both clubs just forget about the whole embarassing fiasco and just simply get on with it?

OK if the worst happens and the squinny can somehow prove that Pompey have broken some sort of rule then what happens? I remember the whole Ashley Cole tapping up fiasco where Jose Mourinho and Cole himself were given fines that were basically peanuts to super-rich people like them two. So in the unlikely event Portsmouth are found guilty of tapping up Harry Redknapp are Redknapp and Mandaric just gonna get a slap on the wrist fine? Or could Portsmouth be deducted points? I suppose we won't know unless it happens but expect some sort of riot in Portsmouth if any sort of deduction did happen especially considering Chelsea did it and never got any sort of harsh punishment.

Onto the continuing Matty Taylor saga now and now it appears that we've rejected a bid from Fulham reportedly in the region of £1.2 million which quite frankly is just taking the piss and I believe the majority of Pompey fans would value him much higher than that also. Harry has said that he can't get hold of some player in Germany so Matty will be in the squad for our crunch game on Saturday.

It's eventful being a Pompey fan eh?