Showdown talks 'very positive'

Last updated : 02 January 2002 By
It had to come sooner or later, after a dreadful slip in form and comments left right and centre from Mandaric, Rix and Redknapp on all types of media, the three have got together in a meeting to decide the direction of the club over the next coming months.

friends reunited
It is thought that the aim of the meeting for Mandaric was to get Rix and Redknapp working more closely together - with Rix using the experience that Redknapp can offer, instead of the ex-Premiership manager twiddling his thumbs at Fratton Park whilst Rix and Duffy struggle at the training ground. Rix is wary of Redknapp's inclusion but must swallow his pride and accept help if Pompey are to pull together.

Rix went into the meeting with a view to secure his position as manager of Pompey as well as asking for more strikepower. Fratton Faithful understands that Redknapp is also keen for Pompey to stregthen the squad and it is unlikey that Mandaric - if in the right frame of mind - could disagree the trusted opinion of Rix and Redknapp.

Mandaric fresh from his break in Monaco, is seeking assurances that his money and efforts are not in vain and was looking for assurances that Pompey would visibly move forward this season - all emereged a few hours later with a very positive stance on how things are at Pompey.

A perfect senario: Mandaric's dream is given new life, Redknapp and Rix take to the training ground and then work together to bring in fresh talent to the club. Chances?