Rix must stay if Pompey are to progress

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Talk of sacking Graham Rix that has bombarded message boards and phone in's is both premature and short sited in Fratton Faithful's opinion. Pompey fans seem to have become used to sackings as an acceptable retaliation when the going gets tough and recent history proves this route to be the wrong option.

Highly regarded
The reason that Pompey are still underacheiving is because this club has lacked consistency over the past few years. Managers have come and go, each bringing in their own ideas, players and staff and it is the stability of the club that has suffered. Our bloated squad, full of unwanted players is a testimony to this and the removal of Graham Rix from the helm would push Pompey in the wrong direction - even if Redknapp were to take over as manager.

Pompey's players have the upmost respect for Graham Rix and Jim Duffy as people and as coaches. It is very unusual for a squad to pull together and like the manager - especially one where the majority of players are not getting games. Rix knows the players - has been desperately unlucky with injuries and is certainly taking the team in the right direction.

The likes of Pitt, Crouch, Burchill, Barrett and Zamperini are all excellent buys for now and the future and O'Neil has come on leaps and bounds since being under the instruction of two of the most highly regarded coaches in England and Scotland.

In the summer a 'dream team' of Redknapp, Rix and Duffy was revealed but it's never quite lived up to its billing and it is here that Rix is most definitely in the wrong. It is clear that he is not getting something quite right and he must swallow his pride and ask for the help and experience of Redknapp. The ex-
Must Stick Together
West Ham boss is one of the most highly respected men in the game and it is a criminal waste for him to be sitting twiddling his thumbs at Fratton Park or acting as a highly expensive chauffeur for Milan Mandaric to and fro games.

Once Redknapp is more closely involved with team affairs it is Milan Mandaric who must get his finger out. It is obvious that Pompey need fresh blood in vital areas of the pitch: in goal, in defence, on the left wing and up front. If he is deadly serious about making Pompey a force he must strengthen the team now so that Pompey can build on this season and make a concerted effort for glory next time around. With a fully fit squad and some cover in key areas Pompey have the best team they have had for years - things are certainly not as bad as people are making out at Fratton Park.

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