Press Conference tomorrow

Last updated : 29 November 2004 By Keith Allman
To the surprise of everyone, another press conference has been called at Fratton Park at 1pm tomorrow.

What makes it more confusing is that it's not Milan naming a successor, or Velimir Zajec finally giving his opinions, rather Harry Redknapp will be making another public appearance only six days after resigning.

What on earth could this be about? We can only guess it's clearing up a few loose ends - maybe something to do with the agent speculation that has come out of the last couple of days - but we'll find out. Hopefully nothing to rock the boat too badly with a Carling Cup Quarter Final in the evening.

Personally, I just wish Harry would leave the club alone. He's been on Sky Sports News this afternoon going on about how he wants to finally lay the demons to rest, how he was the best manager we've ever had, how no-one else would've done what he did - ok Harry, you were good, but you've left now so can't you just let us get on with it and get over it, as Milan has been trying to, rather than coming back to stir it up even more?