Pompey Staff Not Paid On Time

Portsmouth FC have confirmed that the first-team squad and the executive board members have not been paid but will be paid in the next 24 to 48 hours.

The reason for this is that there was a delay in the transfer of funds but lawyers have now received confirmation that the transfer is complete and so all staff will be paid within the next two days, Pompey have confirmed.

Obviously the media has made more of this story than what it is, because after all this has happened simply because of an administration error and not because Pompey are completely skint.

However, this announcement is certainly going to affect team morale. I can only imagine the reaction of the players when they were told they weren't going to be paid on time.

That will be something of a de-motivator going into Saturday's crucial game against Wolves but I have faith that the players will continue to give their all now that they have been made aware of the situation.

This has been a week of ups and downs hasn't it?

Gary Mac was going to join Pompey, then we found he wasn't. Then Pompey fans received some good news and a morale boost when it was announced that season ticket holders would get a discount for the next Carling Cup game against Stoke, and that we have sold out for the Wolves game to give the lads 100% support.

But now this latest revelation has brought spirits down a bit and has raised further questions (as if there weren't enough already) about Al-Fahim's ability to secure further finance for the club.

But the bottom line is that things like this are part of the rollercoaster of supporting Pompey. It's just that we've had more gut wrenching drops than joyful ascents so far!