Peter Crouch channels his inner Rod Stewart during FA Cup draw

Cup draws - they're pretty boring, let's be honest. You tune in and are forced to listen to some boring pre-draw spiel, before they wheel out some guy whose claim to fame is having scored a penalty in a third round shoot-out in 1993.

However, back in 2017, the game changed.

Not content with roping in some boring ex-footballer who was keen to plug his new autobiography, the Scottish FA hired the services of a bona fide legend. Step forward, Sir Rod Stewart.

If anyone could make a cup draw entertaining then surely it was this man? No pinstripe suit, no perfectly styled hairdo, the rock 'n' roll icon turned up with a leopard print scarf around his neck and a hairstyle fit to nest a small murder of crows (yes that's the collective name for them before you question it). You could just tell it was going to be good.

Oh yeah, there was also the fact he'd been dragged out the local boozer about three minutes before the draw's kick off - that helped too.

And so he set to work, diving into the pot of balls like a prime Tom Daley before somehow managing to keep hold of one long enough to be able to scream the relevant number down the camera. To be able to sell 250 million records worldwide and yet that's still only the second best thing you've ever done is pretty special.

Crouch has given his former side a horror draw | Clive Rose/Getty Images

Unfortunately, Rod's inspiring, boundary pushing, mojito-fuelled effort was to prove a false dawn as football slipped back into its old ways, with cup draws reverting back to type. Until now.

Despite being one of the few footballers to have scored more than 100 Premier League goals, Peter Crouch will undoubtedly forever be remembered as one of football's biggest characters (literally and metaphorically).

The former Liverpool man has never been shy of having a laugh - even if it is at his own expense - and he didn't disappoint when he completed the FA Cup fourth and fifth round draws on Monday evening.

Channelling his inner Rod Stewart, Crouch had viewers in hysterics as he lofted his arm into the air before diving into the pot of balls before adding: "Little tribute to Rod Stewart, there."

While it was all fun and games to begin with, Crouch went onto draw his former club Liverpool away at fierce rivals Manchester United, a fixture Jurgen Klopp is no doubt delighted with given the Reds' current injury list. Don't try and be funny before you've got the basics of giving your former teams an easy ride, Peter.

Rod's a pro, he knows what he's doing - his infamous appearance at the draw for the 2016/17 Scottish Cup fifth round saw him hand his beloved Celtic a comfortable home tie against Inverness Caledonian Thistle - a game they just about saw out with a 6-0 win.

Everyone likes a laugh Crouchy, but c'mon, get the basics right first, ey?

Source : 90min