One in, one out?

Last updated : 22 January 2005 By Keith Allman
He's only got one leg
It's been a open secret around Portsmouth that Dmitri Bulykin is likely to become Velimir Zajec's first signing, the Russian striker set to join from Dinamo Moscow. He's been on trial for a few days and now popular rumour suggests he'll sign on Monday.

But with one coming in, the rumour goes that surely someone has to be leaving. Yakubu is the obvious target, and no doubt the media will continue to speculate on his future, but it seems the actual loser in this situation could be Ricardo Fuller. And it gets even better - Southampton are meant to be interested in signing him!

It was Harry Redknapp who brought Fuller to the club but, with only one goal in nearly thirty appearances, he has struggled to win over the crowd. Personally I think that given adequate support and more of a chance he'd actually turn out to be a decent player, but it seems like we might never find out. If we can fleece them out of even more cash after the Quashie mugging then so much the better. Unlike Redknapp or Quashie, I wouldn't really be too angry at Fuller for going down the road - he's been continually slated by the fans here, so I'm not surprised if he wants out.

Whatever, it promises to be a busy week. With Velimir now on a quick European tour of talent, hopefully we'll have a signing to shout about before the cup game.