No Prizes For Second Place

It looks like UEFA are going to bend the rules and allow Cardiff City to represent England in Europe next season should they beat us at Wembley on May 17th.

The FA's professional game board has approved the Welsh club's case to participate in the UEFA Cup next season meaning that they could qualify at our expense if they beat us in the Final.

UEFA and the FA are set to make a final decision next week but it looks certain that the rules will be changed. It's possible that Cardiff may get a "wildcard" entry into the competition if they win the FA Cup, which could mean that Pompey could qualify for the UEFA Cup as runners-up or by finishing 6th in the league.

Liverpool entered the Champions League as a "wildcard" two years ago yet Everton didn't lose their place, so by that logic we shouldn't lose ours if we have one.

Of course, we could and really should make this argument a non-starter by winning the FA Cup ourselves and I would argue that we don't deserve to qualify for Europe if we can't beat a Championship side in the Final.

As for the game itself, the Welsh National Anthem won't be played at Wembley as Cardiff City FC officials have not requested it. The issue was initially brought up by the Welsh sports minister but most Cardiff fans themselves have said that they don't want the anthem to be played at the final and are privileged just to be playing in the final. (You see? The majority of Cardiff fans aren't thuggish Neanderthals that steal clocks after all!)

On another note, Harry Redknapp is taking the police to court after they raided his house and scared the hell out of his wife. Harry's saying that they only arrested him because of his "high profile" and this action reminded me about the whole affair that happened in November.

Even though we are having a season to remember, I really don't want to see this investigation into alleged football corruption reveal any wrongdoings associated with Portsmouth Football Club as that would wreck anything we achieve this season.

The cynic inside me says that we'll win the FA Cup, qualify for Europe and have it all taken away from us but on the other hand I trust everyone at Pompey to have not broken any rules and that if we do win the FA Cup that it really won't be too good to be true!