More Egg on their Face for Official Site

Last updated : 10 January 2002 By
The official site has a slogan that it likes to post when it denies stories that appear in the local press: "the definitive source of all Pompey news" but unfortuantely in its haste to deny stories others get first, it ends up looking uninformed and desperate for hits.

Before todays news that Prosinecki would be able to leave for £2million to Bayern Munich, the other story that springs to mind that the official site denied was the fact that Dave Beasant would soon be leaving Pompey for Spurs - the story even had quotes from Graham Rix, thanking Bez for his time at the club, but because the official site didn't get the story first they denied all knowledge in a desperate plea for credibility and hits.

After yesterdays revelation that the European Champions have approached Pompey, the official site were quick to deny the story and told Pompey fans to check them for the only source of reliable Pompey news - well I'm sorry lads but by denying stories such as these, you are damaging your credibility and the site becomes a laughing stock and no one wants that to happen due to the fact that the club can make money from having a successful site.

The official site is lucky as it has direct access to the management and playing staff at Fratton Park, therefore it doesn't need to try and get every story first and then play silly games when it doesn't. It should work on what it has - not try and discredit the News even when everyone knows it is right...

For the record, despite Prosinecki knowing "nothing of the interest from Bayern Munich and denying giving the interview quoted" Mandaric has today revealed that Prosinecki has an agreement in his contract where he can talk to big clubs - and the European champions are certainly included in this. £2million would be good business for Pompey but the deal is far from done.