Loan Ranger

Last updated : 26 January 2005 By Keith Allman
Craig Bellamy could be a surprising new addition to the Portsmouth squad by the end of the week, although would be cup-tied if signed in time for the Southampton match.

Ever since Graeme Souness turned up at Newcastle he's been at loggerheads with Bellamy; they fell out earlier in the season and did so again last weekend, with Souness claiming Bellamy faked injury to avoid playing on the right wing. To be honest it's all been a bit of "handbags" and it seems more than anything that Souness is using the whole thing as an excuse to try and force out a player he clearly has no time for - after all, Bellamy has played twenty or so games out wide so far this season anyway, and Souness is well-documented as a bully of a manager with a habit of acting first, and thinking about it later.

Unfortunately for him, the common thought at St James' is that they'd rather have Bellamy than Souness, which can only be good news for us as long as the useless scummer stays in charge. So far only Stoke have made a serious enquiry into securing the services of the Welsh international, and if we were to sign him until the end of the season he could certainly do a job. Another rumour circulating is that if we bring in Bellamy, Newcastle then get first pick of the Yak in the summer transfer window. And to be honest, that suits me fine - we all know he's definitely going to leave in the summer so if we can steal away one of their strikers in the meantime, all the better for us. No doubt by summer Souness will get the sack and then Bellamy can return to the North, get back into their squad having scored a few goals to propel us up the table, and everyone's a winner.

Except Souness. But then, the man's an idiot. In other news, Richard Duffy has joined Coventry until the end of the season - following a previous loan spell at Burnley - whilst David Unsworth seems likely to join Ipswich in the near future.