Jordan Leaves Pompey

Joe Jordan has left the coaching staff at Pompey, despite agreeing to stay at the club yesterday after talks with Tony Adams.

It's disappointing to see him leave, and no doubt he will flock to White Hart Lane to join Redknapp's "revolution" at Tottenham. Unless of course something has happened that has drastically changed the Scot's mind, or maybe he was pushed out?

I expect the reason he's gone is the oldest reason in the world: money. The rumours are that Spurs have simply offered him a better deal than what Pompey were paying him and so has shown no loyalty to the club where he has stayed for four years.

I'd love to be proved wrong because I honestly believed that Jordan would stay and help Tony. The Pompey manager claims he'll have new backroom staff by next week.

Redknapp is also said to be keen on David Coles, Pompey's goalkeeping coach, to try and get the best out of Heurelho Gomes who has been dodgier than a three quid note in the Tottenham goal.

I just wonder who else he'll poach from us as the season progresses.