Job Security

Last updated : 20 September 2007 By Jim Bonner
Jose Mourinho has departed Chelsea by "mutual consent", in other words, he's been sacked. (Why else would Chelsea be organising a 25 million pound compensation fee to be paid to him?) Mourinho's dismissal proves that no job is safe in football and that has forced me to ask the question: How safe is Harry's job at Pompey?

Redknapp has transformed this club but that's now history and we've spent a huge amount of money this summer and those transfer fees need to be justified by the end of the season in Sacha's eyes.

Many of Pompey's players have made European football next season a priority for the club and that aim could well be shared by the owner. If the team fail to deliver this season then there's a possibility it might be curtains for Harry despite the reputation he has built at Pompey.

Redknapp has done his best to downplay expectations with his usual "we're only Portsmouth" themed comments and that could be for his own job safety as it's his neck on the line. If we don't challenge for a UEFA Cup position this season then who knows? The guillotine might fall...

Even worse, if we fail to take a sufficient amount of points from our so-called "easier" games after Blackburn this Sunday, that could see the gaffer under some serious pressure and he could even be gone before January. Sounds far-fetched doesn't it? But then how many of you had Jose Mourinho as the first manager to be sacked at the start of the season?

I personally think it would be a disaster to ever sack Harry Redknapp but the bottom line is that Sacha is a businessman and he'll want to see a return on his investment and the best way of making money is to be successful.

Of course, Harry may decide to resign and reports have linked him with the "vacant" Tottenham job but they have been dismissed and sources close to the manager (like Jim Smith) say that the club is in his heart and he'll never leave. Therefore it's doubtful that Redknapp will leave unless a club like Barcelona come in him!

I don't think the board will be too worried at being 15th in the table at this current moment of time considering the opposition we've had to play but if we're in a similar position come December then that will be the real test of the relationship between owner and manager.

Redknapp's job is probably one of the most secure in English football right now but it wasn't too long ago that we were saying the same thing about Jose Mourinho's job.