Fly the flag with Fratton Faithful

Last updated : 31 January 2002 By
There's no doubt that the atmosphere at Fratton Park can sometimes be electric but there is scope at Pompey to match the fanatacism of teams such as Liverpool, Juventus, Galatasaray and Barcelona to name a few as all these
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teams have massive flags that thousands of people can hold up to produce an awe inspiring sight for the players as they emerge from the tunnel.

Fratton Faithful has secured a special deal for a 60foot by 40foot flag to be made - white material with a massive club crest - the text is as yet undecided. The price of this piece of Pompey passion is a realitively small sum of £1000: Cheap considering it will last for years to come.

Therefore we are looking for companies who may be willing to sponser the flag - as well as individuals who would like to contribute. If everyone in the Fratton End gave just 25p then we would have enough to buy the flag - therefore this is not an unobtainable dream.

Fund raising events could occur - for example auctions or football tournaments - and any suggestions will be more than appreciated. So spread the word and get donating - it's time for Pompey fans to flay their flag of passion for the whole world to see.

Any information, contact me at