Empty Statement from Milan

Last updated : 10 January 2002 By
With the coaching staff at Fratton Park reduced in numbers and wondering what will happen next, Milan Mandaric has offered Graham Rix his full support and in very ominous terms offered the help of Redknapp - despite nothing changing in the structure of the club from Rix upwards.

Obviously Mandaric spoke of having to stop the disastrous run of form that Pompey are currently in and has offered him 'full' support - if this means support in the transfer market then it is a good move for the club who are lacking in key areas on the pitch.

However he has not moved to explain why Duffy was sacked and noone brought in to fill up the space. It is likely that Rix has once again refused the help of Redknapp officially but Pompey might see more of the DOF around the training ground.

At the moment it is all specualtion - as it normally is when Mandaric makes a statement. Hard fact tells us that Pompey are now without one of the most highly regarded coaches in the UK - a worrying move considering the plight this club finds itself in.

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