Davis: The Unsung Hero

Last updated : 26 September 2007 By Jim Bonner
Sean Davis has taken some undeserved stick over the past year or so. Pompey fans criticisice him for reasons such as "he gives away too many fouls" or "he just doesn't contribute anything" when in fact, this season he's been one of our most important players.

Sean likes to get stuck in, gives 100% and his range of passing is under-rated in my opinion. These qualities have enabled him to excel as a holding midfielder during his time at the club but as you'd expect with this kind of role, he doesn't get the credit he deserves.

I'd go as far to say that Davis is the best tackler we have at the club. Muntari still looks a bit raw as he adjusts to the Premier League, Mendes is better going forward whilst Diop is better as using his physical strength to boss a midfield.

Davis doesn't just have a gritty side to his game either. At times he can show that he has the skills to trick opponents and give himself opportunities to play a good ball to a team mate. Of course, sometimes his passing can be a little bit wayward but I think that because Davis isn't so "popular", this gets highlighted more than if fan favourites like Mendes or Taylor have a game where there passing is woeful.

If Davis could just improve his goalscoring ratio (a lot) then it would be impossible to drop him but as it is, Harry can't take him out of the team by his own admission because he has played very well so far this season.

Because of the nature of his role, Sean is also currently second in the "bad boys" league with 4 yellow cards and 17 fouls given away so if he gets another booking then he's already banned for a match. Maybe Sean needs to keep his discipline more before making a challenge otherwise we'll end up losing him needlessly.

I expect he'll start on Saturday and continue to keep Pedro Mendes out of the side. Although he's a defensive midfielder, Davis can create so I expect he might be given that role alongside Muntari or Diop on Saturday.

Now I've written this, I hope I haven't jinxed him and that he doesn't have a complete stinker against Reading!