Change Of Tune

Last updated : 20 March 2006 By Jim Bonner
If you have read some of the papers today you will have noticed something rather peculiar. All of a sudden they reckon we're going to survive!

Yes, for near enough the entire season we have been on the brunt of media criticism whether it be from the tabloids or the so called "pundits". We've constantly read about how we're crap and we deserve to go down yet in Daily Mirror today lies the quote "The way his (Harry's) Portsmouth team tucked into the pathetic resistance of the Hammers suggests there is now every chance that he will be back with the south coast club next term." and this was the same paper that said "Death. Taxes. Pompey to be relegated. Add another to life's list of certainties this season."

Shock! Horror!

And if that wasn't enough even the likes of Mark Lawrenson have jumped on the Pompey bandwagon. Two weeks ago he said something along the lines of "I think it'll either be West Brom or Birmingham who will go down with Portsmouth and Sunderland" has now turned around on TV and virtually said "Out of the three down there I'd want to be Portsmouth". So not only have we got the press up our arses it seems as if the pundits have joined in too! And they have the balls to call football fans fickle...

I, for one will be reading Charlie Nicholas' next column with great interest...