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There is not doubt that Pompey need a new stadium - Fratton Park is an embarrassment to a club that has Premiership ambitions. You only need to look at our South Coast neighbours to realise that a new stadium propels a football club into the realm of twenty-first business - Milan Mandaric's analogy of a 'Mom and Pop shop' seems even more applicable at the moment.

However an internet campaign is suggesting that Pompey stop 'considering their options' and just get on with building the new Fratton Park. This has been spurred on by the news that the Sellar Propery group have publicly reminded Pompey that they have an October deadline on the land on Fratton Goods Yard. Planning permission is in place and Pompey could tomorrow go ahead with a 26,500 stadium if they so wished.

This however is the crux of the matter - why rush into such a momentous decision just because it's there? Some Pompey fans may point out that this is the closest we've ever been to a new stadium and we should grasp the opportunity but maybe the more patient among us will be willing to sit and wait a few more months if the stadium we end up with will be a fitting one for a club as great as Portsmouth.

Quite simply 26,500 is not ambitious enough - even if this is expanded to 36,000 (the goods yard is too small for this to be perfect) Pompey need to follow suit of clubs who have left the confines of the city and built a super stadium on the outskirts - if the club could build a 30-50,000 purpose built stadium in Hilsea or Cosham, why not wait?

This is a decision that will affect the future of Portsmouth Football Club and one that we can afford to wait for. Milan Mandaric is right to still be 'considering options' and Fratton Faithful stands by the chairman as he finalises his plans for a super purpose built stadium. Vote in our poll if you agree with these thoughts.