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By Jim Bonner
Last updated : 20 January 2006
You know how I said I couldn't see us being charged with approaching Redknapp illegally? Well I was wrong...

It seems as if that squinny Rupert Lowe has finally been given his lollipop and now we face an impending punishment should Portsmouth be found guilty of such a "crime".

So now a full investigation is being launched as if we didn't have enough on our plate already. If we are found guilty then surely it can only be a fine especially after what Chelsea got away with. As ironic as it sounds it would be justice if we got off lightly considering many Southampton fans wanted Redknapp to leave and we weren't exactly begging him to arrive here either. Punishing the club as a whole (i.e: docking points) would be punishing the fans.

More to come as it arrives...

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