Blackburn vs Pompey Preview

Last updated : 02 January 2006 By Jim Bonner
Tonight we take on Blackburn Rovers as the only team we haven't played yet this season. It's away so we can't expect too much however with the majority of results going against us today (excluding West Brom's 2-1 defeat to Aston Villa) we really need to be taking something from this one.

However that isn't going to be easy. Blackburn Rovers in the last couple of years have been branded a thug side that bully teams out of matches however, despite all the tosspots in their team they have played some good football this season especially at home. As for the teams it wouldn't suprise me if Harry puts out a weaker side because of the heavy schedule of games over the last week so expect Karadas, Viafara, Vukic et al to start. Dario Silva will probably be rested.. will Toddy play?

Now onto the big news today and unless you've been living under a rock today you will probably know that Alexandre Gaydamak; the son of a russian billionaire and a multi-millionaire himself is set to partly take over the club along with Milan Mandaric who wants to spend a bit more time with his family. Of course the FA will have to make sure Alexandre isn't "dodgy" and reports are saying if he isn't and he does get to takeover Portsmouth Football Club then PFC will become the second richest club in the Premiership in the transfer market. However I'll believe that bit if or when I see it. If the takeover does happen then it will change the face of Portsmouth FC certainly but whether it's for good or for bad is down to opinion. Personally I am remaining focused on the fact we are still in the relegation zone and getting out of it and staying out of it is our number one priority.