Birch Declares Pompey D-Day

Trevor Birch today held a meeting and served notice on Portsmouth FC players and staff telling them that the club will fold on Friday, August 10th unless senior players accept compromise deals.

Speaking in an interview with ESPN, the administrator stated that he hoped the announcement would "focus people's mind" with the club now just 17 days away from going bust.

Birch also claims that PKF have only been paid £200,000 to do their job which would usually command a fee of over £1 million. I find that hard to believe.

Although I have previously stated that I believe Pompey will pull through this problem, this latest announcement has made the situation far more "real" - for lack of a better term.

If there is one sentence that makes me think this really is the end of our club, this is it:

"If the new owner does not take over the liabilities and guarantee £10 million of football creditors then the Football League will not transfer its share and the club will go under."

Who on earth is going to do that!? Can £10 million even be "guaranteed" to be paid given the club's history? Is Balram Chainrai willing to "save the club" when his own dividends have been slashed? It all seems too unrealistic.

As much as I want to see this club survive, I believe we should all be bracing ourselves for the worst to happen. Again.