And you thought you were passionate about football!

Last updated : 02 April 2007 By Sam

"Being in the company of two of the most passionate football men I have ever met in my life" was the reason promoter Dave Davies decided to put together the "When Harry met Barry show"

Come and see for yourself
The Guild Hall, Portsmouth
on Monday 16th April.

"You know in the old days when you used to hear a story of one member of the family and then you would find out a completely different version of the same story from another member of the family.

"This can be very entertaining particularly when talking about football players and the transfer deals and having been in the company socially as well as professionally of both these people you almost feel that its rude to mention anything else apart from football.

A lot of people when they see Barry Fry run up and down the touch line after Peterborough have scored don't realize he was one of the original Busby Babes playing at Man Utd before his illustrious career around England's football clubs".