Last updated : 09 September 2002 By
hard as nails
Lucy Knight, 17, of Portsmouth has taken her devotion to PFC one step further with a supreme display of artwort. In a piece of body decoration, capable of rivaling even John Westwood's temple to Pompey, Lucy now has something different to parade around Fratton Park other than her shirt.

Pompey fans aren't too adverse to body decoration - you only need to look at Westwood or the 'guy with the coat' to realise that when it comes to wearing our hearts on our chest we're quite good at it....and I'll leave out the obvious TY Europe joke. If there are any other fans out there with other outlandish ways of supporting the Blues then please send it into this site - we may start a feature on it if things start getting out of hand again!

In the meantime check back tomorrow for a preview of the Peterbrough match and our final reaction to the Westwood story - with some answers from the great man himself. If you want to make your opinion count, leave a message on the board or vote in our exclusive poll.

Stay faithful, Play up Pompey.