American Billionaire Interested In Pompey

As everyone in Portsmouth surely knows by now, former Disney C.E.O. Michael Eisner is interested in buying Portsmouth Football Club.

The 75-year-old businessman is estimated to be worth over $1 billion by Forbes magazine and is the the former C.E.O of Paramount Pictures, having also worked at ABC Networks.

Since leaving Disney, Eisner have profited from investments in Topps and Netflix via his Tornate Company which has also been used to create his own film studio.

It's safe to say that this man is the real deal yet despite his fame in America and his cameo in Family Guy, he wasn't recognised by anyone in the South Stand when Pompey beat Grimsby at Fratton Park last Tuesday!

The news has been met with tentative excitement due to Eisner's background and wealth but the obvious questions will be what someone of his stature could possibly want from a football club with a ramshackle stadium which currently plys its trade in League Two.

That statement may well answer the question itself as perhaps Michael wants to take the club on and move it forward by delivering a new stadium and a team capable of challenging in the top two divisions. After all, the club needs significant outside investment to realistically achieve both of those goals and keep up with the other Joneses on the south coast.

On the face of it, this is a magnificent opportunity that may never arise again but at the same time the approach is a little unnerving simply because of what happened during the last three ownershps which all contributed to the massive downfall of our football club.

At 75, you would have to question what Eisner's plans for the future of Pompey would be, especially as his lack of future planning was one of the significant reasons that Roy Disney and Stanley Gold effectively forced him out of Disney.

Would any of his wealthy family, including film director Breck and philanthropist Eric, be interested in taking the club on? Michael is said to want 100% of the club but the prominant shareholders in Pompey will surely not reliniquish their shares without some assurance that the club will still retain some sense of fan control given what many sacrificed to save PFC in the first place.

There are many questions that need to be answered and meetings to be had as this process slowly continues. All we can do is sit and wait and see if a viable deal can be struck between all parties.