Meeting Jed Wallace

Editor's note: This is a guest article from Carl Paddon. Carl is an avid Pompey fan who, when not preparing for triathalons at the crack of dawn, is helping to organise events such as Fans Day 2013.

"Super, super Jed. Super, super Jed. Super, super Jed. Super Jed Wallace!"

This is the first time I've ever attempted to write a blog but have wanted to do so for quite a while.
Why now? Well, the motivation behind it is because I attended the Portsmouth Football Supporters' Club London dinner at Fratton Park after the Bury game. I was lucky enough to be sitting next to the subject of the above song, Jed Wallace (not that you didn't know that).
Straight away we got the banter started when another attendee brought a mock contract which was intended to make light of the current situation of Jed yet to sign the contract that's been put to him by the club.

For a player who, at the end of the day, is only 19-years-old and is no doubt inexperienced with dealing with what he's going through, he took it very well. He laughed, signed it and said "I'm going to keep that for memory" but the banter didn't stop there as it just flowed all evening with Jed happy to be the subject and also did his fair share of dishing it out.
When I put the contract situation to him, he was brutally honest with his response and it was refreshing to hear. A refreshingly great change that here was one of the greatest prospects that we've seen at Pompey in recent years and judging from his response, he only wants to play football.

It is because of his desire to play football that he won't be going to the "Never Never Land" of the Premier League to someone like Stoke. There is no doubt in my mind that one day he will play at the highest level but for now, playing football every week is what it's about (he even likes playing at places like Mansfield, was going to say York but apparently he was greedy that game).

What was also telling was he would love for his father not to have to work again and that would also have a factor of where he goes. If he goes.
What about fee and all that? Well, as good as he is it's not as if a Spanish waiter is going to come along and splash loads of cash as what happened with Glen Johnson when he signed a new long-term contract in January 2009 only for Liverpool to cough up around £18 million for him the following summer.

If a bid comes in January, the best we could probably hope for would be for Pompey to receive around £200,000-300,000 and then have him on loan for the remainder of the season.

If he goes at the end of the season on a 'free' Pompey would probably receive the same amount or maybe £400,000 if we're lucky at a tribunal but God knows what he's worth in our current situation.

I feel for the club because if a bid does come in in January they'll have one hell of a decision to make. If he stays until the end of the season then the decision will be taken out of their hands. This of course is if he leaves and he has been offered a contract which he could still sign but in my eyes we would have to have a great chance of getting promoted for the ink to get anywhere near signing that contract.
Be rest assured while he's here, all he wants to do is give 100% and not only for Pompey fans but also for Guy Whittingham who he holds in very high regard as he's the one that's given him his chance in the professional game. 

So, who knows what the future holds for Jed? We can only hope it's the best for both parties because once again we can't forget where we are. On a personal note, unless he signs for that lot down the road I'll always have high regard for him.