Looking To The Future

Last updated : 08 January 2006 By Jim Bonner

With all this talk about securing the future of the club shouldn’t we be thinking about a long-term replacement for Harry Redknapp?

Don’t get me wrong I hope Harry’ll hang around for a few seasons but as the appointment of Perrin and before that Zajec has shown it only takes a few months to destroy a team. So would it really be that inconceivable to bring in a young and potential future manager now? And would there be anyone better than Harry to help show him the ropes. So let’s get one of the old boys back and as Milan himself said, you can’t underestimate a decent knowledge of English Football.

So all we need is someone that will get on with Harry, stick around to learn the ropes, has a knowledge of English football, a good motivator and tactically aware. To narrow down the list I also think they should have played for us in the past so they understand what the clubs about. I’ve got two potential candidates, so Milan and I suppose Alexandre as well, if you’re reading this, and I’m sure they are, then how about it?

Alan Mcloughlin

The midfield wizard that he was for his nine seasons at Fratton Park making 297 League apps (+12 as sub) and scoring 54 goals.

I’m not too sure where he is at the moment but last season whilst assistant manager at Forest Green he was touted by the FA as a talent in the making. A true organiser and motivator of the highest standard. Although he appears to have quietened down after being released by Forest Green Rovers, a future manager with great potential. Shouldn’t be that difficult to tempt him back either.

Guy Whittingham

He needs no introduction. A goal scoring legend and in his three spells he made 173 League apps (+22 as sub), 99 goals

Currently manager of cash strapped Wessex League one side AFC Newbury.

I’ve been informed that the bailiffs were sent to the club earlier this season and someone else told me the bar ran out of beer (when the beer runs out you know you’ve got problems!!). Despite their struggling position, Guy has shown that he can force together a team under the most adverse of conditions. Most of the first team have also left due to not being paid so he’s fielding a very youthful side and doing a job of it. Additionally he’s probably still got a better pair of scoring boots than Karadas so he’d get a squad number as well.

I really believe either Guy Whittingham or Alan Mcloughlin could do a job. Even if it doesn’t work out at least we gave it a try because I really don’t think I could handle another game of dire football from a confused foreign manager. The list of potential candidates could be endless but as long as they haven’t had a career in rugby then we’re one step ahead of them up the road.