Wrongly accused

Last updated : 27 November 2004 By Keith Allman
Aside from talk of job stress and the appointment of Zajec, some have blamed Harry's resignation on the role of agents within the club. Just last week, Milan said he was fed up with dealing with the blood sucking leeches destroying the game (ok, my words rather than his), and that he was hoping in the future to try and cut them out of our deals.

Some have tried to suggest that, stemming from his West Ham days, Harry has a close relationship with agents and personally benefits from deals done with them; whether it be a cut of the money or paying out over-the-top amounts to "advisors" in order to ensure that a player comes to the club. Indeed, one of the Sunday gutter rags today ran a story claiming that in the last two and a half years, Harry had spent £3m on agents alone - and this was a reason leading towards his departure.

Milan, however, has come out and dismissed the speculation straight away. "It makes me bitter and angry what people are trying to indicate. He has done everything he has done in an honest and straightforward way. Chief Executive Peter Storrie and I did all the business as far as transfer fees, salaries and agents were concerned. Harry didn't have anything to do with this at all."

Conclusive, to say the least. Even so, expect the lower-quality reaches of the media to try and milk something out of this story desperately for at least another three days.