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In the dark days of the Gregory era, one man epitomised the spirt of the fans, the hardcore passion that was needed to witness endless relegation fights and someone eccentric enough to grab the headlines when the club were in administration.

However this comes with a flip side - the club are now stable and getting more and more high profile every day. Anyone glancing around the press room against Gillingham to see Radio 5, SKY, The Times, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Guardian, The Mirror and The Star journalists would tell you that. What it doesn't need is drunk yobs like Westwood confirming their reputation that Pompey are still a troublesome club off the field.

This is a man who turns up completely drunk to football matches and clashes with Stewards and Police. Once again he got thrown out of the stadium - something that didn't go unnoticed with Fred Dineage and Milan Mandaric sitting in the stands but it will probably glorify him even more in the eyes of some so called fans. Because of his football fame, opposing fans know exactly who is being escorted out of the ground and Portsmouth FC doesn't need this kind of publicity.

This however is completely by the by - we cannot change the fact that Westwood is a high profile fan, nor can we change the fact that his drunken, loutish behaviour will attract trouble but what we can change is his official association with the club.

Westwood currently resides on the 'image panel' of Portsmouth Football Club - something he cannot do if incidents like the one against Gillingham keep on happening...