Vladimir Antonov's Bank Enters Administration

Bankas Snoras, a bank part-owned by Vladimir Antonov, has gone into administration.

There is a reported £247 million "missing" that has been allegedly moved into offshore accounts, and Lithuanian authorities have prompted Antonov to answer their questions about the whereabouts of this money in addition to accusations of illegal operations and money laundering.

So, just another day in a recent Pompey owner's life, then.

Whilst fans are complaining about "being taken for a ride" yet again, it must be said that Antonov is innocent until proven guilty and more importantly, there is nothing we can do about it as and we simply have to wait for any new developments of this story.

The frustrations are there to see and there may be the possibility of another ownership crisis that is going to worry fans, especially as this has happened so soon after the Gaydamak/Chainrai issues that very nearly killed the club.

At least CSI were prompt in releasing a reassuring statement on their website saying that everything was "business as usual" and that the events surrounding Bankas Snoras would have no effect on them as it has never given or recieved funds from that bank.

Which is all well and good, only if Antonov is found guilty of the allegations levelled against him and his assets are frozen like a previous Pompey owner's father's once was, then that may well have an effect on Portsmouth FC given that Vladimir is the majority owner.

So, whilst the future of our club currently isn't in jeopardy, it won't stop the doom merchants preaching about another possible meltdown on the horizon.

I sometimes wonder what it is like to support a "normal" football club, but that would be boring, wouldn't it?