Transfer twaddle #7347

Last updated : 06 January 2005 By Keith Allman
According to the ever-reliable media, Pompey are looking to shift out some of the playing staff this January, although as yet there's no talk of who is to come in. That's a rapid departure following the flurry of names linked this time twelve months ago, but then again we did have Bung-Meister General in charge at that point, so it's no great surprise I suppose.

Amdy Faye - who apparently was "definitely" joining Villa last week - is now set to stay at Fratton Park. Reports vary that the player was unhappy with the terms, that he didn't like the club or that David O'Leary has decided to look elsewhere. It's good news for us, as he's been playing well lately and seems to add a bit of a backbone to the team. Having said that, whilst the Senegalese midfielder is staying put for now, fresh rumours around a move to Rangers are floating to the surface. Hmm.

Meanwhile, Yakubu is the new bookies favourite to leave. Whilst I wouldn't be surprised if he did clear off come summer, I can't see what he's likely to gain from going elsewhere to sit on the bench right now. After his fantastic tenth of the season on Tuesday, interest has stepped up - Newcastle and Everton apparently the interested parties. Another fresh idea states that having failed to get James Beattie, Aston Villa will now step in, using the £6m they have lying around from that deal, PLUS the £2m they're now saving from not getting Faye. If you ask me it would be a step sideways for Yak to go there, but big money, big training grounds and big stadiums speak volumes in this league.

The most believable story is that Harald Wapenaar is set to return to Holland to play for Vitesse. The keeper has had to be content with the substitute bench for the reserves lately, and has made clear his intentions to return back to his homeland as soon as possible. So far any possible move has been thwarted by the club's determination to make some money out of him, but now with the presence of Shaka, Ashdown and the young Guatelli, it must be sensible to let Wap return to his family surely?

And finally on a lighter note, Barry Silkman is now claiming to be Patrik Berger's agent too. Apparently he might be interested in a move to Southampton, but Milan has said there is no way he is moving and will be offered a new contract once we have confirmed a Premier League place for next season. So shove that up your arse Silkman, you silly little man.

No doubt there's lots more news to come yet. We might even get a signing of our own to talk about.