Tornante Complete Pompey Takeover

Last updated : 03 August 2017 By Jim Bonner

Michael Eisner's Tornante group have completed their takeover of Portsmouth Football Club.

The deal was formally completed today as the Trust passed the baton to the American billionaire and his family, who, alongside Tornante President Andy Redman and Mark Catlin, make up the new Pompey board.

Catlin, a man who virtually every Pompey fan admires for everything he has done for the club, has been rewarded with an extended contract and deservedly so.

Today marked the end of Portsmouth's time as the biggest fan-owned club in the country and although there will be a fair few sad faces around, realistically the club could not achieve its ambitions by maintaining Fratton Park and a squad strong enough to at least compete at Championship level in the future.

At least, in Eisner, Pompey fans seemingly have a man that they can trust to deliver what he says. Whilst he may have paid the same as the PST did when the club was on its knees, he has already promised future investment into the club and there would be no reason to disbelieve him.

The question will now be who makes up the Heritage Board as these individuals will be placing themselves in the firing line when certain decisions have to be made and I personally do not envy anyone who has that task.

But ultimately it will be the Eisners who will be judged on their ownership for however long it lasts. The PST bowed out in the best way possible last season and now it's up to Tornante to deliver what they promised.

So an official welcome to Michael, Eric, Breck and Anders is in order as they now rule what was once our football club. Many will have placed good faith in them to take the club forward so let's hope they allay fears of what previous owners have done and this is the beginning of a bright new future for Portsmouth FC.