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A story concerning John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood was always going to attract attention and provoke discussion. Something this website feels is the duty of an unofficial website. Fratton Faithful is one of the many voices for fans and the website stands by its claim that Westwood isn't the best publicity a club with Premiership ambitions should be aiming at.

However to go as far to call Westwood a 'yob' was a step too far. It dipped its toe into the realm of sensationalism and for that FF apologises to anyone who was was caused offence by this statement. Westwood is a gentleman off the pitch and, by general consensus, is harmless at the grounds - some fans feel that it is his 'hangers on' that deserve the media attention and these are the people who started throwing bottles when John Westwood was ejected from Priestfield on Saturday. Despite this it is still Westwood who provokes the sometimes over zealous attention from police at stewards at football grounds - this is fact, not some fictional statement.

The official connection with the club is still a worry for this website but in no way was Fratton Faithful dismissing his loyal and passionate support for Portsmouth Football Club. John Westwood has been a ever present figure on the terraces for more years than I can remember. Anyone at that famous night against Stockport four years ago know that Westwood was the key player behind the tremendous support in the Fratton End and away trips to places as Grim as Crewe or Grimsby in the rain on a cold tuesday night make you realise that this man lives and breathes PFC.

This issue was cut and dry - the story was an opinion piece - and one contrary to popular belief did split fans right down the middle. In our exclusive poll 45% of you agreed with our story and posts on various message boards confirmed that some fans were concerned with the behaviour of certain fans at matches - especially ones as high profile as Westwood. There was never any mention of a 'class divide' - this wasn't some sort of vindictive personal attack (ironically the sort that I have received from certain Pompey 'fans') it was just a statement of truth - Westwood WAS ejected from Priestfield and the question was raised - do we really want this officially associated with our club? That is up to you decide, Fratton Faithful never ran the story as the gospel truth.

Contrary to some reports, I am a Pompey fan, I do live in the city and believe it or not I've had a season ticket in the Fratton End for the past three seasons just a few rows behind John Westwood. We are all fans, the team are top of the league and we have our best chance of promotion for a decade. There should be no 'in-fighting' no divides between fans - just a unity between all people connected with Pompey in these exciting times.