Third Pompey Kit Unveiled

Last updated : 29 August 2013 By Jim Bonner

So it turns out the rumours were true and Portsmouth's third kit did feature the club's original colours of maroon and salmon pink but nobody could have foresaw how terrible the design would be.

The new kit is a maroon strip with a horrid horizontal pink stripe across the front with the "Jobsite" logo plastered on it. The neck, arms and bottom of the shirt also have a pink trim but that cannot stop this kit being a complete abomination.

Pompey have had some bad kits in the past. The black and red one that looked like it had the shape of a penis in its stitchings from a couple of seasons ago was the subject of ridicule amongst Southampton fans, the 2005/2006 red and gold shirt was immensely unpopular and the yellow strip in the 90's didn't go down too well but this may well take first prize in the "worst kit ever" stakes.

There is nothing good to say about it. Sure, the idea was to capture the history of the club with a sleek looking kit but this is totally wrong. Micah Hall may say that the response has been "amazing" and in my view it has been amazing for the sheer fact that Pompey fans are amazed at how awful it looks.

So no doubt Pompey will be the subject of ridicule from fans of other clubs this season. Who knows? Perhaps opposition players will laugh at the kit so much it'll put them off and Pompey will take advantage and score?

This kit will only sell to a few females, the blind and the stupidly loyal. Then hopefully we can all forget about its existence and have a say on what a classic kit should truly look like next season.