The Soft Spot

The results of the poll for which team Pompey fans disliked the most aren't the most surprising findings in the world.

Chelsea topped the poll with 20.8% of the vote with Manchester United coming in second with 14.3%. Not really a shock considering they're the two most recently successful clubs in the country and success seems to breed hatred in this country.

I wonder if Pompey continued to be successful then if it would make us more loathed all across the country rather than just twenty odd miles down the road?

Coming in joint third place were Blackburn Rovers and Tottenham Hotspur. Again, not too surprising there considering how annoying both clubs have been during our stay in the Premier League. Not forgetting that the likes of Robbie Savage and Didier Zokora playing for Rovers and Spurs respectively.

West Ham came in fifth place and I'm guessing that the main reasons for them being disliked are the way they got out of jail through the whole Tevez saga and the fact they've got Nigel Quashie on their books.

The only unexpected finding from my point of view was the lack of votes that Manchester City received. They placed second from bottom (behind Fulham) in the poll, so it seems that Pompey fans have let bygones be bygones and erased the actions of Ben Thatcher from their minds.

With the most disliked teams decided, I thought it'd be interesting to find out which club Pompey fans liked the most (apart from our own obviously!)

I've set up another poll so fans can vote for the club they have a soft spot for. Because there are only 14 spaces, I've had to omit the five clubs that topped the "most disliked" poll. So Chelsea, Man United, Blackburn, Tottenham and West Ham can't be voted for.

So, will you vote for a team because of the way they play? Maybe your best mate supports them or you enjoy visiting their football ground? They might have Pompey connections or vice-versa. Then again, you might end up voting for a team just because our record against them is very good!

The poll can be found in the bottom right corner of the front page of the site. Happy voting!