The Opposition View: York City

Last updated : 23 November 2015 By Jim Bonner

What's your assessment of York's season so far?

We've been very poor, although in truth we've simply carried on the very indifferent form we were in for much of last season into this one. We struggle to win, but instead of drawing we now lose more which sees us in the position we are desperately praying two teams are just worse than us.

When you couple in the drama around the new stadium and a general sense of apathy amongst the fanbase it has been pretty miserable so far!

Did Russ Wilcox deserve the sack and what do you make of Jackie McNamara's appointment?

He absolutely deserved it and the worst part is he was given way too long. We basically surrendered all of our easier fixtures to a man who was clearly getting us nowhere and have subsequently lumbered the new guy with some of our toughest! Wilcox had lost the locker room, he was always very prickly with the fans and showed nothing to suggest he was cut out to be a manager at this level.

Pretty happy with McNamara, if for no reason other than he has identified our problem areas and is going to try to do what he can with the time he has until January. For a long time it felt like the problems were obvious and the manager was ignorant, but he seems to speak a good game. I am reserving judgement for the period after these tougher games.

Who are the key players in the Minstermen squad?

Flinders is a good goalkeeper and has undoubtedly helped us evade heavier defeats but you can tell he has no confidence in what is in front of him. Outside of him it's going to be Oliver and Coulson, both have differing qualities but each is capable of bagging us the odd goal if the opportunity arises. Reece Thompson did look like a good prospect but he's suffered a bad viral infection and won't be available.

What are the main strengths and weaknesses of this York side?

Weakness is a disorganised defence with some players who are nowhere near good enough ending up getting games because we simply couldn't get rid of them and as a result didn't have the budget to make significant signings to take their spots. You can definitely get at our defence down the flanks, we're very weak there.

Strengths? Quite difficult to identify many. Oliver is a good target man and Coulson has some real quality despite some niggling injury issues but perhaps the biggest is Greening coming out of retirement. He has lost his pace but he has the vision and composure to pick out key passes which might just be what we need to get something from this game.

What do you make of the current Portsmouth squad?

Honestly, I'm not fully familiar with your whole squad but it seems much stronger than recent seasons and better equipped to compete at the end of the table you'll no doubt be hoping to be in and around. Tubbs is a good League Two striker and McGurk can be handy if not on fire thus far. If you can find a little consistency I think you'll be in and about the top end of the league and at least get into the play-offs.

Playing for a draw at Fratton Park has worked for the strugglers in this division. Do you think York will approach the game in that way?

Based on our defensive fragilities I don't think we can afford to sit back and let you come onto us, we'll crumble under the pressure. I think we have to take the game to you and press you, we'll concede but we may nick the odd goal too. Sitting back will see us capitulate, I suspect.

Given Pompey's current recent form, how capable do you think your side is of getting a result tomorrow and would you take a draw if offered?

I think you'll have a good chance of winning to be brutally honest, we're in transition, the defence is all over the place so if nothing else you'll get some goals. I'd be delighted with a draw! I know you've had an iffy patch but we're woefully out of form.

Predict the outcome of the game.

3-1 to you guys. Vadaine with ours.