The Opposition View: Scunthorpe United

What would be an honest assessment of your season so far?

Horrendous. It started off nice with a win over Mansfield but we didn't even play well in that game. We've been totally outclassed by York, Accrington and Grimsby this season and for a team pushing for promotion that's just not good enough. We don't deserve to be in the position we are this season, we've struck lucky on a few occasions.

Did Brian Laws deserve the sack? Who would you like to replace him?

He did deserve the sack. The football we've played this season has been awful. We lost 4-0 at home to Exeter and 4-1 away at York due to his poor tactics. His silly subs have also cost us on a few ocassions. I would love Neil Warnock to replace him (even though the football his teams play isn't fantastic). I can't see Warnock coming back here though so I'd like to see Ian Baraclough return as manager.

Deon Burton is fondly remembered by some Pompey fans but what do Scunthorpe fans think of him?

He's been alright this season. Not great but not bad. He holds the ball up very well and is a fantastic link up man. We just need to give him service so he can bag a few more.

Andy Barcham and Bondz N'Gala represented the Iron in the past. What are your thoughts on them?

In Barcham's first season, he was absolute class. He won numerous awards and was our joint top scorer. He looked a real talent. Last season, however, he was very poor. He was lazy, lost the pace he had the year before and couldn't even beat his man.

All I remember of Bondz N'Gala was him slipping over and letting Watford score once. He only ever played two games for us.

Who have been your top performers so far this season?

Sam Winnall and Sean McAllister by a mile. Winnall can finish well and has a fantastic work rate. It's a shame Laws has been wasting him and playing him out on the wing a lot.

McAllister is a real terrier in midfield and puts in 100% every single week. He fights for every single ball and never gives up.

What are the biggest weaknesses in your team?

Our fullbacks. Dawson and Byrne have no pace whatsoever and Ribiero is too casual most of the time. You will have a field day if Dawson and Byrne are playing!

With Pompey shipping seven goals in two games and scoring none in reply you must be hopeful of getting a result on Saturday?

Not at all, we're truly awful. 

What kind of match are you expecting at Fratton Park?

A very poor one as we're very bad and judging by results Portsmouth are not playing that well either. I can't imagine it being the most interesting game.

Predict the outcome of the game.

Portsmouth 2-1 Scunthorpe