The Opposition View: Plymouth Argyle

How do you assess the start to Plymouth's season?

Started well, but now we're in the same position that we were last season, and on the road to a fifth relegation dogfight in a row. We have been very poor, the players don't have any fight in them and the manager doesn't seem committed to the cause. 

Who have been your outstanding performers so far?

For me it has to be Luke McCormick. He has handled the job in goal quite well despite all the abuse that his thrown at him week in week out (for causing death by dangerous driving.) He just blanks it out and gets on with his job. I wouldn't say any of our squad are outstanding though, far from it in fact, but Luke is the best out of a bad bunch.

What are the biggest weaknesses in your team that Pompey could exploit on Saturday?

Centre Midfield and the defence. If you can pass it around our midfield and the defense rolls over, you will score

What do you make of the Portsmouth squad and are there any particular players who worry you?

The Pompey squad seems quite solid as a unit but I haven't seen them enough to pick out any real threats.

Whatever happened to Paris Cowan-Hall? He was supposed to become a big star when he was with us...

He took a back seat and sadly had the "we will lose" mentality instilled into him. If he was part of a successful squad who had more passion and drive, then perhaps he would have done better for himself.

David Norris is a cult hero at Portsmouth for "that" goal against Southampton. What do Argyle fans think of him?

We miss him. Was a solid performer during the "Glory Years" when we were a good Championship side. 

What kind of match will you be expecting at Home Park?

I am expecting a "Park the Bus" game to be honest. Argyle will be in 3-2-3-2 formation to start with, with a move perhaps to a 3-5-2 if things are still 0-0 later in the game and Portsmouth don't cause us any problems. If we score, it will more than like revert to a 5-4-1 in order to "Park the Bus" so to speak.

Predict the outcome of the game.

Argyle 0-3 Portsmouth