The Opposition View: Morecambe

Last updated : 15 August 2016 By Jim Bonner

Morecambe began the season as one of the favourites for relegation. Do you think this is fair and what have you made of the start of this campaign?

I very much doubt that 'fairness' enters into the bookies' calculations when they compile their relegation odds. I believe we have been amongst the favourites for relegation for each of the nine seasons we have been a Football League club to date. This is because the bookies look at the relative size of our crowds and equate that to revenue. As £'s means power in their formulae we get spat out as the 'favourites for relegation'!

No stress as far as we are concerned, we have been around long enough to carry the "favourites for relegation" tag with pride and look forward to confounding them yet again come May 2017.

Let's talk about the last game between Pompey and Morecambe. We're still having nightmares about Barry Roche now!

A great night's football. We were all disappointed that the original fixture was postponed which meant the game being switched to a Tuesday night at the beginning of February. I believe that in excess of 400 Portsmouth fans made the journey that evening which built the atmosphere.

I remember it being a very close game with few clear cut chances at either end but you had got the goal and we were looking at another disappointing home result. That was until the 94th minute...

To be fair your goalkeeper made an outstanding save from Lee Molyneux that led to the fateful corner. Barry is hardly inconspicuous but your defence seemed to miss this 6'5" Irishman in bright yellow as he made his way forward. Shaun Miller then dropped it on his head and the place went mad as he put it in the back of the net.

I say it was deserved on the balance of play but I would understand a Pompey view that it was harsh for it to happen in the final minute of time added on.

Who are the key players in this current Shrimps side?

All 20 members of the current squad should be classified as key but if I were to pick out three they would be: Ryan Edwards (D), Michael Rose (M) and Tom Barkhuizen (F).

What are your team's biggest strengths and weaknesses?

Our strengths would be our ability to score goals and the speed throughout the team. Our weakness would be our inability to stop the opposition from scoring.

What do you make of the current Portsmouth team?

I am a great admirer of Paul Cook and the way he likes his teams to play football. With the additions made this summer i'd expect you to go very close to winning the league this season. Ex-shrimp Carl Baker will prove to be the signing of the year as long as he stays fit.

What kind of match can we expect tomorrow night and would you take a draw if offered?

Games between us tend to be tight affairs with goals. That has now guaranteed a 0-0 borefest but i'd like to think both managers like to let their teams play and see no reason for that to change tomorrow evening.

Predict the outcome of the match.

I'm going to go for a 2-1 home win with goals from Barkhuizen and Dunn.