The Opposition View: Milton Keynes Dons

As one of the favourites for promotion, how do you assess the season so far?

Good! We have continued where we left off last season, playing attractive football which is great to watch. The only thing that is worrying me is we don't seem to be very clinical, yes, we scored over 100 last season and have scored a fair few this season but we do not kill off games and tend to prefer to sit and hold on to a slender lead. Overall though, not bad.

Let's get this out the way early on. How hated do you believe MK Dons are by general football fans and do you think the criticism the club receives is justified?

We are the scum of the earth, everyone knows that. In answer to your question, I think it has worn off now, it's been 10 years and apart from the odd referral as Franchise FC, we do not seem to get too much criticism anymore.

Do I think it is justified? Tough question. I don't know, the club was formed in exceptional circumstances, the Wimbledon owners were trying to move the club here since the 1980s when they purchased Milton Keynes City and ran them into the ground when they realised a merge was not possible, so that Wimbledon would be free to move here, ironic isn't it?

So yes and no, I don't agree fully but I don't believe the ex Wimbledon fans that continue to follow the club and the MK public should be held responsible for the FA's, Wimbledons owners and Winkelman's actions.

As an MK fan, what are your views on AFC Wimbledon?

I hate them personally. Stole Kingstonian's ground, don't play in Wimbledon, big share of keyboard warriors following them that make death threats and get cheered on by the people that run the forum. Vile club. Hopefully they'll go down.

I would say 70% of our fanbase share this view. Especially the ex Wimbledon FC fans that follow us and see them as abandoning Wimbledon FC. There are a fair few that don't really care about them too mind.

What do you make of the current situation at Portsmouth?

I feel sorry for the fans. That's where my view ends.

Onto the match now. Izale McLeod used to play for the Dons. What are your views on him?

Bit of a hero round these parts. Still remains our top goalscorer from his stint here for 3 years. He endeared himself to the fans when he scored for Barnet against KFC Wimbledon and celebrated in front of their fans.

He still lives in Milton Keynes aswell and runs a Coffee Shop in Oxley Park, is in there quite a bit aswell and always happy to talk to fans. Decent guy and you're lucky to have him in your team apart from the fact he's a tad lazy!

Who are likely to be the big players for the Dons on Saturday judging by performances this season?

Alan Smith and Luke Chadwick are obviously the big names that will stand out. Chadders is probably our most consistent player. Darren Potter and Stephen Gleeson are probably the best midfield pairing in the league and are key to our possession based style. Dean Bowditch and Daniel Powell will probably provide the biggest threats.

Bowditch was top scorer last season playing on the left wing and grabbed a hat-trick against Bury the other week. Powell is an academy product who has been scouted by Championship clubs, tall, strong, fast winger with a cracking shot on him. It depends though, some weeks he looks unstoppable and other weeks he will be awful, very inconsistent unfortunately.

What are the biggest weaknesses in the MK side that Pompey could exploit?

Mmmmmm. Our defence is very tight, already keeping a fair few clean sheats, especially at home where we have only conceded 1 so far, to Notts County. I'd say that due to our lack of a goalscorer ATM, having McLeod, that is something you have that we don't. Soak up the pressure and hit us on the counter.

What sort of match are you expecting at stadium:mk on Saturday?

I reckon it will be quite tight. We really should be winning our home games against the lower clubs if we want to go up automatically but we don't seem to do well against newly relegated Championship sides so who knows?! Can see it being end to end and you hitting us on the counter.