The Opposition View: Millwall

Millwall fan Lawrence Binnie answers the questions I put to him ahead of Tuesday night's match.

Have you been surprised at how well Millwall have played this season? Is a promotion push a realistic ambition now or is survival still the aim of the game?

We started the season with a bang, and I think that raised supporters' expectations. We've since been brought back down to Earth; first against
Leeds, where we were awful, and against Watford where we were even worse.

Jackett's gone back to basics again and has had us fighting for every point; we need to get that formula working on the front-foot from the off at home, though -- taking the game to teams, and making them deal with us, rather than the other way around. I think we are easily good enough for mid-table with a couple more additions, but we have quite a small squad and a couple of injuries could be the difference between comfort and a relegation battle.

If pushed, I'd say we'll finish anywhere from 11th-15th come May.

How do Millwall fans view Kenny Jackett? Are you worried he might be poached by a bigger club as the mid-season sackings begin?

He has completely transformed the club from top to bottom. I'm hesitant to compare him to a great, but he's achievements for us have been similar, on a much smaller scale obviously, to what Fergie did with Man U in the early nineties.

He's a man of integrity, and even took himself out of the running for the
Wales job last month. If he does leave us it will be when he feels he's taken us as far as he can and wants a new challenge.

I could see him feasibly going to a club like Fulham or Sunderland in a couple of seasons, as they both have pragmatic, patient owners who realise that it takes time to turn around a club's fortunes.

Many Pompey fans won't have been to The "New" Den. Do Millwall fans even call it the "new" Den anymore and how does it compare to the "old" Den?

I can't comment on the Old Den as it was just before my time. I've heard there was nothing like it though. The New Den, according to my old man, and other Millwall supporters, can almost match it for intimidation on the right night.

The atmosphere against
Huddersfield in the play-offs was electric, and was quite rightly a big talking point in the media after the game. Oh, and it's no longer called the 'NEW' Den anymore, that was dropped in 2005!

Obviously there is "history" between Millwall and Pompey, are you expecting much trouble at the game this Tuesday night?

There will be very little, if any, trouble. The Den is possibly the safest ground in the country for away supporters if you stick to the walkway, and travel via
London bridge. I wouldn't take any other route, mind you.

Who are the key players in this Millwall team and what are the main weaknesses?

Our key positions are right the way down our spine. We have an excellent, young box-to-box midfielder in Liam Trotter, and the tireless Jimmy Abdou supporting him in Midfield.

Up top we have Steve Morison who is built like an ox and can run defenders ragged, and at the back we have Darren Ward who is very experienced at this level and Paul Robinson who is a beast in the air.

Our main weaknesses are a lack of pace at the back, and no real strike partner for Morison -- although new boy Theo Robinson has looked very good in his two appearances so far.

After a poor start, Pompey have taken 10 points from the last 12 and are playing well. What sort of match are you expecting?

A tough one. You struggled at first, but that was only because of your tiny squad. Liam Lawrence, Dave Nugent and Dave Kitson are all quality attacking players at this level, and I was very impressed at how ruthlessly you took
Leicester apart, considering you didn't dominate them in midfield. I'd take a draw, but part of me thinks we should be winning all our home games.

Predict the outcome of the game.

Millwall 2 Pompey 2