The Opposition View: Leicester City

Given Leicester's enviable resources and strong squad, is it safe to say that your team have currently under-achieved this season?

Without a shadow of a doubt. Whilst I predicted pre-season that it would take some time for the players to knit, it has still been an under-achievement not to be in that top six.

There's some debate as to whether the squad is that strong but that's another debate altogether (ie. you look at the collection of players who've gained promotion with Norwich & Swansea recently.)

Did Sven deserve the sack and are you happy that Nigel Pearson has returned?

Sven didn't deserve to be sacked considering the position at the time. However, I wasn't particularly bothered. His management was in the process of creating long-term damage, last season he made some massive mistakes and this season he churred out defensive football a la England 2002.

I'm very happy Pearson is here. After years of collective shit, Pearson was the one to break the mould. He's ahead of his time as a coach and possesses an excellent backroom staff (his recruitment man, Steve Walsh is very, very good.)

How is David Nugent getting along at his new club?

Fan favourite. Whilst he's no goal machine, he runs all day. Turning out to be our best purchase.

Joe Mattock once played for your club, what's your opinion of him?

No-one likes him and is enemy number no.1 for Leicester fans.

I could give the long answer but I would write forever. He went behind the club's back for a transfer whilst on international duty and said things about the club on his departure. Common abuser of the Leicester nightlife and a family entourage including a burly Dad who was rumoured to have turned up at the training ground one day to 'knock Pearson out'.

He assaulted a girl and a lad in a Leicester nightclub and is booed every time he's appeared against us since; even when suffering a serious injury whilst on loan at Sheffield Utd.

His footballing ability? Broke through as a 17-year-old with lots of promise but sadly like so many, the arrogance set in. Became a liability in the third tier where his appearances were shared with 37/38 yr old in Chris Powell (a proper bloke) and nearly made a very costly mistake in giving way a penalty at Hereford when it got to make or break time of the season. I hope he's matured, if not he's bit of a dud.

What are the biggest strengths of this Foxes side?

When firing on all cylinders, we can be as good as an attacking unit I've seen in a Leicester side. However for this to occur, the opposition need to attack us. We are brilliant on the counter and playing in a high tempo game but when expected to create against the opposition, not so much.

Are there any major weaknesses in your team that Pompey can exploit on Saturday?

For me, we have a vastly over-rated central defensive partnership whether it be Mills, Bamba or St Ledger. Bamba is a very classy defender but once a striker has his measure, he turns to sand. Mills and St. Ledger can be very lazy for so called 'rock hard' defenders, think John Terry.

Pompey may be struggling but still boast an impressive home record, so would you take a draw if offered to you now?

Given our recent record at Fratton, yes. It would most importantly keep us in touch with play-offs as we entertain Blackpool on Tuesday.

Predict the outcome of the game.

1-1 unless something dramatic happens. I can see both sides happy to be content with the point.