The Opposition View: Bury

How do you assess the season so far and what did you think of the sacking of Kevin Blackwell?

It hasn't been great to be honest, has it? I mean, I don’t take too much interest in the league table until the turn of the New Year but to be one point off the relegation zone and not playing particularly good football for a few matches now is always a reason to be alarmed.

It’s a shame really because I still think Kevin Blackwell has a good knowledge of the game and I wouldn’t have blamed him for leaving before the takeover happened in the summer. However, he’s had time to bring in 25+ players into the club and by now we should be seeing some sort of improvement and as you can see it just clearly hasn't happened.

There has been no consistency in team selection; every week there would be two or three changes or a change of formation including 4-5-1 at home to Newport and Morecambe. No disrespect to these teams but we really should be playing two forwards against these kinds of teams at home.

I’m slightly surprised he was sacked this early in the season as I thought he would be given a few more games but Stuart Day (chairman) obviously believes we should be a lot higher up.

Trevor Carson has made a difference since arriving at Pompey. What did you make of the decision to loan him out and what do you think of him?

He’s a good goalkeeper at this level and could quite easily play in the division above, However he’s from the previous management and Trevor is on a lot of money for a club our size (averaging 3k at home) so he’s been made available since April/May last season and it seems only you lot have been willing to take him on which can only have been your gain.

Who have been your best performers so far this campaign?

Best? Ha. Well that’s a hard one to say. The only consistent performer this season for us is Shaun Beeley who is on loan from Fleetwood. Very good right back who again could be playing higher up and Fleetwood must have a VERY good right back if he can’t get into their team.

Everyone else has the odd good game, but there’s not really been any that have put in a good performance on a week-in-week-out basis which is why we’re near the bottom. 

What are the biggest weaknesses in this Bury team?

I’d have to say up front as we still haven’t found someone to replace Ryan Lowe or Andy Bishop and even though Anton Forrester is having a good go, he needs help. He’s only a young lad from Blackburn and even though he’s got talent it’s not fair on him to have all the pressure of scoring our goals.

Ashley Grimes and Shaun Harrad have hardly played this season and even when they have they haven’t put in the right performances to warrant a first team place. Hopefully a new manager can sort this out because we need one otherwise it’s going to be a long hard struggle.

What do you make of the Portsmouth squad? Are there any particular players that worry you?

Jed Wallace, Patrick Agyemang and Johnny Ertl are all great players at this level, I think you need a bit more quality if you want to get out of this division first time round, though.

What kind of match will you be expecting on Saturday?

A tough one. I know Portsmouth isn't doing as well as they expected at the start of the season but they you have some quality players. Jed Wallace and Patrick Agyemang would be in most first teams in this division so we have to be aware of that threat. I have no idea how Jepson (caretaker manager) is going to line us up, if it’ll be the same as Blackwell or if he’s going to put his own ideas into it. Hopefully we’ll be up for it but I'm not sure the confidence will actually be there.

Predict the outcome of the game.

2-0 to Portsmouth.