The Opposition View: Barnet

Last updated : 17 February 2017 By Jim Bonner

How happy are you with Barnet's season so far and would you be disappointed if you didn't reach the play-offs?

I'm pretty happy. At the start I was looking for us to push into the top half of the table and I think we'll do that. I certainly think that we are competing for the play-offs but we're by no means favourites and I wouldn't be disappointed if we didn't make them.

What's with the managerial upheaval at your club? How much will it affect preparations for Saturday's match?

Well I'm as dumbfounded as you all are! Starting with Martin Allen, it was clear that while we would never be in a relegation battle with him in charge, it was also clear that his methods would only bring us so far and that he would always be willing to select an ageing professional of uncertain quality (hello Shaun Batt!) over a promising product from our youth team.

Our chairman has always wanted us to be a club where we have a thriving academy producing a load of players ready for the first team who would play attractive football. On that basis, he was not too disheartened when Martin Allen accepted that lucrative offer from Eastleigh and decided to give the Development squad duo of Eames and Newman a chance.

Now, it appears that Henry Newman had ruffled some feathers during his time in post and being a joint-coach was starting to chafe for him, hence his departure. We've now got Kevin Nugent in to partner Eames. How this will play out I don't know. I assume Nugent will be the senior partner, but he's usually been an assistant manager so far!

Your prediction about Akinde is coming true so far. Him aside, who are the other threats in your team?

We have a lot of nippy skilful attacking midfielder/winger type players. A lot of them are new so I haven't seen much of them! I'm looking forward to seeing how Ruben Bover and Simeon Akinola will link up.

What was your opinion on the 5-1 thrashing at Fratton Park earlier this season and do you think that will have any baring on Saturday's game?

I didn't actually go to this match but it sounded like we lost our composure a fair bit. I don't think it will have any bearing whatsoever as the side that you will fact tomorrow will be totally different to the one that lost at Fratton Park.

What kind of match can we expect on Saturday and would you take a draw if offered?

I don't think it will be like last season where we put up the barricades after going in front. We actually need a home win to complement our fine away form and to sustain our play-off challenge, so no, I wouldn't take a draw if offered!

Predict the outcome of the game.

Optimistically 2-1 to us!